Safety Training, Compliance Tools and Policies

Big D strives to always offer the top products and services in the industry. But our first goal is to ensure the safety of all employees, clients, and job locations. In support of our goal of maintaining the highest safety standards, we offer ongoing training to all employees.

Safety Training, Compliance Tools and Policies

Big D's safety program incorporates all of the following:

  • Daily Field Inspections and Behavior Base Safety (BBS) Audits
  • Daily Job Safety Analysis – JSA’s
  • Driving Test for new drivers
  • Geoforce – GPS assisted tracking system on all vehicles and equipment
  • Medic First Aid / CPR and blood-born pathogen Training
  • Mentor Program
  • Monthly Department Safety Meetings
  • Monthly Meetings for Safety Leadership Team
  • New Employee Training, including:
    • OSHA Compliance
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Entry-Level DOT
    • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Post-Accident UA, Investigation and Training
  • Pre-Employment UA and Physicals
  • Qualified Person Electrical Class
  • Random UA Program
  • Weekly Department Managers Meetings

Big D also holds membership and participates in the following organizations and programs:

  • S.T.E.P.S
  • Safety Services
  • ISNetworld
  • West Texas Safety Training

To ensure the safety of employees, and to assure industry compliance, Big D employs 6 full-time dedicated safety professionals for both the equipment and construction divisions. Each of these safety professionals is highly trained, and has accumulated years of experience.